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Hello there! I’m Caitlin, a ritualist, psychopomp, Ancestral Healing Practitioner and long-time somatic meditator. I help the living and the dead transform the karmic patterns of personal and collective trauma through animist, earth honoring rituals. I am a descendant of early Western European settler-colonists to Turtle Island, and my ancestors of blood and bone hail from Ireland, England, Scotland, Germany, Austria, Sweden and Norway. Reconnecting to the earth-honoring aspects of these lineages through Daniel Foor’s method of Ancestral Healing has been an essential part of my own healing and decolonizing process.

Compassionate Inquiry
Somatic Knowing
Highly Attuned Intuition
Potent Prayer
In difficult times, it is only bodhicitta that heals. When inspiration has become hidden, when we feel ready to give up, this is the time when healing can be found in the tenderness of pain itself. This is the time to touch the genuine heart of bodhicitta. Pema Chödrön

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