Ancestral Healing

About Ancestral Healing

Reclaim the loving support of your ancestors. Help repair generations of collective and personal trauma. Remember the specific prayer-song of your soul’s purpose and carry it forth into the world. This is an inclusive modality for people of all cultures, traditions and origins.

Many of us grew up with living families steeped in systems of intergenerational trauma that can make it hard to imagine what it would be like to have positive relationships with our blood and bone kin. Yet, each one of us has radiant, loving ancestors who can help us clarify the essence of our dreams and thrive in this lifetime. These elder powers are ready to connect with you in the present to help you clear energetic blockages in your family of origin, realize your soul’s purpose and thrive within the coordinates of your destiny.

The Ancestral Healing framework developed by Dr. Daniel Foor, is a safe ritual approach to reconnecting with your elevated ancestors. Using this method, I help clients partner directly with these elders so that they can assist any troubled ghosts in their lineages to become fully well in spirit. Through the medicine of the clients’ ancestral guides, these ghosts are brought to wellness and are able to fully transition into the collective field of the elevated ancestors.

These radiant grandmothers, grandfathers and gender-blessed ones in spirit are mighty sources of support willing to witness your sorrow through the struggle, and celebrate your victories in times of joy. As you deepen your connection to these ancestral guides, they will help you walk in greater alignment with your soul’s purpose; the mission you came to earth to fulfill.

Five principles of Ancestral healing that Dr.Foor’s method is rooted in are: 

  • “Consciousness continues after death
  • Not all of the dead are equally well
  • The living and the dead can communicate  
  • The living and the dead strongly impact one another
  • The dead can change” 

– Daniel Foor

There are countless benefits to Ancestral Healing including:

  • Clearing of mental, emotional, physical, psychological obstacles
  • Greater sense of ease and belonging and purpose
  • Clarification of destiny
  • Development of healthy self-esteem
  • Greater trust in intuitive abilities
  • Healing of intergenerational trauma
  • Renewed relationships with living family
  • Stronger connection to earth and other than human kin

There is a book of life inscribed with your name, and the storied path of your destiny fills its pages as you walk it.

Your ancestors have cut a trail through time to reach you and they know your footfalls even before you take the next step.  Reclaiming your connection to the bright waters of their kindness, guidance, and medicine is a decolonizing act of courage, self-love and cultural repair. If you’d like to learn more and find out if this method is right for you, please get in touch via email or schedule a free 20-minute consultation. I’d love to hear from you!

As an Ancestral Healing Practitioner in the Ancestral Medicine Network I am committed in all ways to maintain the Practitioner Code of Ethics. This is an inclusive healing modality for people of all genders, sexual orientations, ages, cultures, traditions and origins.

Know the intelligence of your ancestors as they track the movements of stars, learn the ways of the plants and animals, hold councils to choose the wisest action. Receive that intelligence as their gift. Joanna Macy

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