Dharma of the Ancestors

About Dharma of the Ancestors

Explore how the teachings of Buddha are uniquely refracted through the prism of your own being and the specific gifts your familial ancestors have sent you to earth with.

As a Westerner born into a Tibetan Buddhist path, I know how complicated it is to be called to the spiritual traditions of other-than blood ancestors. Being raised within the Dharma has been a source of both great pain and untold blessings in my life.

Despite all the ups and downs, my devotion to the mindstream of the awakened masters remains undiminished. Learning to stand within my own sovereignty while navigating the Buddhist path wouldn’t have been possible without the loving support of my ancestral guides of blood and bone. I’m now called to help other Buddhist practitioners access their own reserves of inner authority by weaving together the wisdom of their ancestors of family with those of their spiritual lineages.

How it works:

This practice is for clients who have already engaged with the ancestral healing with me and have arrived at a point where at least one familial lineage is in a state of health and vitality.

Using a safe ritual framework,  you will partner with your familial ancestral guides to then supplicate different Buddhist saints, deities and teachers in spirit for support, wisdom, and compassionate blessings along the path.

My vision for you is to:

  • Strengthen ongoing relationships with your familial ancestral guides
  • Deepen connection to Buddhist saints, deities and teachers in spirit
  • Receive direct support, wisdom, and compassionate blessings from these ones to clarify your path
  • Restore your connection to your Buddhist lineages where harms may have occurred
  • Harmonize the healed lineages of Ancestors of blood and bone with those of heart and spirit
  • Expand trust in the expression of your own dharma

Join me in embodying the ancient animist mindstreams of the Buddhist masters. Be enfolded in the unconditional love and acceptance of these awakened ones and come to experience these qualities in your own familial ancestors. This offering is open to people from all Buddhist Lineages If you would like to know more please reach out at connect@caitlindodd.com or schedule a free 20 minute consultation.

I’m happy to offer this service by donation based on whatever your heart feels inspired to give.

Immerse yourself in the meaning of the teachings, day after day, month after month, and the spiritual qualities of a bodhisattva will develop without difficulty, like honey collecting in the hive as the bees go from flower to flower, gathering nectar. Dilgo Khyentse Rimpoche

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